Liveteachers Content Program

Get paid to make translations, corrections, write articles and create videos

You are a good Translator? You are a copywriter ? Got a great idea? Have an amazing story to tell? We want you!

The Liveteachers Content Program is for everyone and anyone who wants to make corrections, make translations, create content and share their knowledge with the world. You don’t have to be a professional writer or designer to participate, translate, just write, film or design your thoughts. We’ll share them with all Liveteachers users and followers from around the world. And you get paid for your troubles! How’s that sound?


Make money with your talent

What we are looking for:

  Tutorials, tips and guides

 Industry insight and trend observations

Translations in all languages

Creating posts and content

Topics that are relevant to our community:

  • Test 1 –Descrizione test 1
  • Test 2 – Descrizione test 2
  • Test 3 –Descrizione test 3
  • Test 4 –Descrizione test 4
  • Test 5 –Descrizione test 5
  • Test 6–Descrizione test 6
  • Test 7 –Descrizione test 7
  • Test 8 –Descrizione test 8
  • Test 9 –Descrizione test 9
  • Test 10 –Descrizione test 10


In the form of:




What you get:


Short article or update


Articles above 1000 words

Simple infographic

Short video below 3mins



Article above 1500 words

Detailed infographic

Long video above 3mins

Terms & conditions:

  • The award amounts above are a rough guide and are entirely at our discretion. However, we appreciate exceptional content and believe in fair reward for good work.
  • Our editorial team reserves the right to refuse to reward or publish content that:
    • Promotes a specific company or product
    • Are not original pieces of work / published elsewhere
    • Contain abusive, illegal, discriminatory, violent language or content
    • Have what we deem as vague/generic content that’s not very useful
    • Or for any other reason